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Forum for African Women Educationalists – Kenya Chapter, A Member of the FAWE network of 34 chapters in 33 countries in sub-Saharan Africa

Empowering girls and young women to acquire education for development

What we do

FAWE Kenya supports women and girls acquire education for development at the County and National level. We implement programs that aim to empower girls and women through gender-responsive education. Our work focuses on influencing action to reduce gender disparities in access, retention, performance and completion through a range of initiatives.

Our Footprints

Girls reached

Boys reached

Teachers reached

Parents and Community Women

Women Rights Organizations

Policy Makers

Our work contributes to the attainment of Education for All(EFA) and Sustainable Development Goals – SDG3,4,5& 17

Our Strategy as FAWE Kenya


Tuseme is a Swahili word that means ‘Let Us Speak Out. Tuseme is an empowerment model based on theatre/arts for development techniques. Theatre/arts is used to communicate and initiate discussion on issues affecting young people and the society in general. Leadership, Civic Education, Sexual Health and Reproductive Health, corruption, STEM and Enterprenuership are some of the topics discussed in the Tuseme Clubs.

Gender Responsive Pedagogy Model

The toolkit was designed to build the capacity of teachers to promote equal treatment and participation of girls and boys, as well as employ teaching and learning methods that counteract social norms prescribing “socially-appropriate” gender roles and behaviour.

The model integrates various tools and strategies including ensuring that textbooks are gender-inclusive; training teachers to combat gender stereotyping, creating a manual and checklist that outlines specific ways in which teaching can be gender-responsive, and working with the Ministry of Education to advocate for the mainstreaming of such best practices.

Centre of Excellence

These are schools that have been transformed to create physical, social, and academic environments that are gender-responsive. The schools offer quality education that pays special attention to the different needs of both girls and boys. The CoEs were developed by FAWE Kenya through transforming ordinary schools into gender-responsive schools that offer quality education and pay attention to the physical, academic and social dimensions.

The greatest achievement is that so far, the government has taken up the CoE model and established other CoEs in each County which are used as models for demonstrating best practice in education and improving learning outcomes

FAWE Kenya is one of the Nominating Agencies of CommonWealth Scholarships in Kenya. Every Year, our members apply for various Master and PhD programmes scholarships through us.

Education for Development