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 The aim of the Break free Project  is to have adolescents exercise their right to live free from Teenage Pregnancy (TP) and Child Marriage (CM), supported by civil society. 

Achievements in 2021

Established  the first ever National Gender Technical Working Group to spear head the implementation of the re-entry policy , mentorship policy and other gender related policies under the MOE, FAWE Kenya is co-chairing the TWG with MOE.

Sensitized Stakeholders on the rights of the women and girls and their responsibility in monitoring and taking part in addressing the issues affecting the participation of the women and girls Education.

Fostered leadership in young women and girls by amplifying the voices of activists in Kenya working to prevent and end violence against women. 

The BF project has three pathways of change leading towards the strategic programme objective:

  1. Adolescent girls at risk of CM/TP access quality and safe education.
  2. Duty bearers and decision-makers develop, resource and implement laws and policies that respond to adolescents’ needs.
  3. Adolescents access quality SRHR information, education and services.

FAWE Kenya in the implementation of the Break Free Program is  building synergies, strategic partnerships and also work together with the government, various organizations and programs addressing teenage pregnancies and child marriage at the national level. This programs seeks to build on and leverage upon the lessons learnt from the previous and current projects being implemented by FAWE Kenya and work within the existing structures and networks established.