Donor Funding

Our funding partners include the following:

  1. Scholarship Program – AGSP – Funded by USAID through AED
  2. Sexual Maturation and Hygienic Menstruation- funded by Rockefeller Foundation
  3. Child Labour Program – funded by ILO Opec
  4. GRP – Funded by UNICEF through FAWE RS
  5. TUSEME Training – funded by UNICEF through FAWE RS
  6. FAME Award – Funded by FAWE
  7. Mbeere Girl Child Project – Funded by Care Kenya
  8. Impact of Feminine Hygiene on Girls Participation in Education – funded by UNICEF
  9. Gender Audit – funded by FAWE RS
  10. ARSHR project –Funded by David and Lucile Packard foundation