Funding and Support

How to get involved


FAWEK welcomes support from individuals, foundations, charitable organizations and private businesses. We mobilize financial, human and material resources for our programs from various sources at the global, regional and national levels. We also look forward to partnering and working with sponsors who are passionate about supporting the girl child to help in fundraising, resource mobilization and strategic planning.

Financial support includes funding from donor agencies and other funding partners; donations from individuals, foundations and private business; and sponsorship of individual programmes or beneficiaries of our work.

Human support includes volunteering, internships, research, grant proposal writing, sharing of expertise and spreading the word on FAWEK’s mandate and activities.

Material support includes donations of land and building materials for education facilities, teaching and learning materials, school equipment and installations; food items for school feeding programmes; personal hygiene products and other much-needed items.


You can support FAWE Kenya by placing your skills, energy and time at our service. This can include legal support to women’s groups and young girls, mentoring, sensitisation activities, skills training, etc. Please contact us on the provided address on this website for more information.


FAWE Kenya has established an internship programme to;

  • Provide an opportunity for interns to use these FAWE workplaces as an active learning environment
  • Provide opportunities for new entrants to acquire skills that would make them employable in future
  • Assist students to obtain the required practical experience in a workplace environment

Internships at FAWE are open to registered students, alumni, recent graduates and those seeking a career change, who wish to gain academic credit or experience through practical training prior to entry/re-entry into the labour market. Interns are expected to contribute their skills, knowledge and competencies while acquiring supplemental training in their area of specialisation.

Internships are normally for a period of either three or six months. An intern will normally work an average of twenty hours per week and may receive a small stipend where applicable. Please contact us on the provided addresses for more information.


FAWEK is a membership organization with Vast members from all the 47 counties in Kenya who are drawn from different areas of expertise and professions, We are also setting branches in the counties.

The membership has four categories Individual membership, corporate membership, Associate membership & Group membership. The members are people who are passionate about girls’ education; these cut across the professional board and are from all over the country and even beyond.  Some examples of categories represented include;  teachers, lecturers at universities, women advocates for girls’ education,  Members of Parliament, business people, social and development workers, media practitioners and other professions. There is also a special category of community members to attract community-based women and men who are committed to promoting girls’ and women’s education.

Benefits of FAWE Membership

  1. Receiving Communication sent via email which includes: Job openings in gender equity and other areas.
  2. Scholarship and fellowship opportunities both long and short term. This includes an Opportunity to Apply for Common Wealth Scholarships Annually.
  3. General information on issues affecting women globally.
  4. Taking part in FAWEK’s activities in any of the following ways:
  • Representing the organization in mentorship forums.
  • Writing articles, editing, graphic design and layout for newsletters and publications.
  • Representing FAWEK at seminars and meetings organized by our partners.
  • Training and capacity building through workshops organized for members based on a needs assessment and others organized for the media fraternity.
  • Sharing skills with other members and training them in your area of expertise.
  • Mentorship of young people in Our Tuseme Clubs.
  • Use of the resource centre (free of charge).
  • Participating in the Regional Exchange Programmes.
  • Internship opportunities.
  • Networking with like-minded individuals.
  • Participating in FAWEK governance during the General Assembly (GA)
  • Being elected to the executive committee

FAWE Kenya Membership Form