In shot, Emily Manjeru and the TUSEME club members at Kenya High School

Over the last decade, Kenya has made significant progress in education, achieving gender parity in primary education enrolment and near parity at secondary level. However, gender parity does not mean that universal access to primary education has been achieved and enrolment in secondary education remains low for both boys (51%) and girls (48%). This is of particular concern for girls, as the data imply, over half of secondary school age girls are not enrolled in secondary education.

Our TUSEME Programme is a model that was established to specifically address this great need. TUSEME, a Kiswahili word for “Let us speak out” –is an empowerment process designed to enable girls understand the gender construct of the societies they live in. Therefore, they identify and assess the emergent problems that hinder their academic and psychosocial development, speak out about them and take responsible action to reach sustainable solutions.

TUSEME has proved to be a very effective strategy for building confidence, assertiveness and self-esteem of girls involved in the programme. Their ability to analyse situations, make correct decisions, and challenge the systems, decision and situation that negatively affect their welfare has been significantly enhanced. Besides, girls’ participation in TUSEME has recorded significant improvements in retention, participation and academic performance.

It is for the above reasons that FAWE Kenya is planning to replicate the model to more schools based in Nairobi. This is basically due to the positive results yielded from the schools in Western Kenya and part of Nairobi that have a well-established and functional TUSEME Club.

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