Data-driven advocacy for girls’ education in emergencies in Kenya.

Sexuality education can create more opportunities for dialogue between youth and adults and help refute the myths about sexuality that young people often hear from the media and from their peers. Supplementing the education provided by the family can also help adults overcome the difficulties they face when they are the only providers of information […]

Promoting Girls STEAM Education
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Forum for African Women Educationist Kenya (FAWEK) in partnership with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung’s Rule of Law Program for Sub Saharan (Anglophone) Africa is seeking to contribute to the fight against corruption by incorporating the participation of the children and young people of Kenya in the national contest through essays and art competition with the aim of assessing their feeling and knowledge of corruption and its harm in the society citing out possible mitigation measures.

By doing this we will be inculcating ethical values and raising awareness on corruption. The children will therefore be able to participate effectively and express themselves on the effect of corruption as a long-term strategy to combating corruption in the country. 

In a nutshell, the two organizations will be promoting citizen’s participation and encouraging the values of integrity, accountability, and transparency are crucial components of fighting corruption. 

Data- Driven Advocacy for girls’ education in Kenya

FAWE Kenya is currently Building on Its experience in working with women’s rights organizations to use data more effectively in advocacy. In partnership with Equal Measure 2030, FAWEK will work with women Rights Organizations in Kenya with a focus on Nairobi and Turkana Counties.


FAWE Kenya in alliance with Plan International Kenya and a technical assistance from SAT is working on the Break free Project whose aim is to have adolescents exercise their right to live free from Teenage Pregnancy (TP) and Child Marriage (CM), supported by civil society. 

A critical component of the project is having the adolescents exercise their right to live free from Teenage Pregnancy (TP) and Child Marriage (CM) and increase access to quality and safe education for girls at risk of CM/TP.

The BF project has three pathways of change leading towards the strategic programme objective:

  1. Adolescent girls at risk of CM/TP access quality and safe education.
  2. Duty bearers and decision-makers develop, resource and implement laws and policies that respond to adolescents’ needs.
  3. Adolescents access quality SRHR information, education and services.

Science Technology Engineering and  Mathematics

In collaboration with Microsoft and FAWE Regional Secretariat, FAWEK has been sub granted to implement the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics project. The main goal of the project is to encourage girls to develop creative thinking and innovative mind as well as to take up STEM subjects in order to increase the number of females taking up Science professions. 

We have been able to capacity build 3000 teachers, 500 youth and over 30000 students in Nairobi.