Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics

Through funding from Microsoft, FAWE Kenya has implemented the STEM program since 2016. The goal of the project is to encourage girls to develop creative thinking and innovative mind as well as to take up STEM subjects in order to increase the number of females in science related careers. Through the program, FAWE Kenya motivated and encouraged girls to take on the science and technology courses and equally develop interest in Mathematics and engineering as a possible area of study.

Number of Girls Reached

Boys reached

Teachers Reached

Youth reached

Achievements of the Project

Since Inception of the Project, FAWE Kenya has proved an increased interest in science subjects . The following are some achievements of the project.
  • Engaged the Ministry of Education which initiated a dialogue on the STEM/ICT project and policy review. The meeting discussed and agreed that the STEM policy is combined with the ICT Policy to be STEM/ICT Policy. The discussion is still underway to ensure the realization of the STEM National Policy.
  • Trained and capacity built 2000 teachers and 1800 youth (both directly and indirectly) on Digital skills and artificial intelligence. This aided in building the capacity of the students.
  • In working with the schools, 60000 girls and 15000 boys were trained on Coding/Artificial Intelligence.
  • STEM clubs were established in the new participating schools and strengthened to enhance the participation of girls. Through these club’s students were able to get resources such as mentors, online reading materials and exchange visits which aimed at building their capacity. It also involved peer to peer education in other areas where students would seek guidance.
  • Developed active partnerships with like-minded partners within the region: The MoE, CBOs, NGOs and other entities.