My name is John Muriithi~ A Marxist and a tech enthusiast

In today’s competitive and consumer-driven market, technology is no longer a novelty or an option. It’s gradually becoming the norm. Every organization is looking to up or rather leveraging technology for its success.

The upsurge of entrepreneurship and startup culture in Africa has further skyrocketed the growth of techpreneurship. This, in turn, has revolutionized the digital space landscape. Whether you want to grow your own business or get a high-paying job, technology will offer immense possibilities.

God bless Forum for Africa Women Educationalists Kenya Chapter (FAWEK) for STEM Projects that are/will change a lot of young generation. Technology-driven Programme that has exposed learning youths in high school to start thinking about technology is what I found meaningful in my last two years as a Youth-coach on STEM Project, implemented by FAWE and funded by Microsoft.

How FAWE STEM Training Impacted my Tech~life

FAWE adopted a unique experiential learning platform that taught programming (developing Mobile Apps, Web design and Artificial intelligence). We the youth coaches ‘Learn by doing and not just listening/watching videos or lectures and answering questions. We build real products in a structured fashion. The training was to be used in Training STEM mapped national schools & county schools but in turn, some of us used these skills in the tech economy growing their tech careers and earning out of it.

The Nexus Point in STEM Project

For the many years, I have worked as a Data analyst. Before this, I had limited experience operating in a conventional classroom, teaching young learners. Now, outside of my expertise, FAWE Kenya placed me to coach at State House Girls High School in 2019.  I was to deliver, because what I was trained was enough to make an impact in that school. 

I knew I was teaching or rather introducing something hard for high school students. Imagine developing a website using coding languages. It was not easy. But I had to tell them this way “Eat! Porridge can be perfectly edible with some minor adjustments”. So they had to like it. Girls in tech? Yes… They did a competition in 2019 in all schools that participated in the STEM Project, and my trainee emerged number one. Congratulations to Zawadi who landed to Moringa (a Tech school ) scholarship.

God bless FAWE Kenya and Microsoft.